Vedic Ministry and Press LLC is a FOR profit business and Hindu/ Vedic Religious organization started by Mr. Tejasinha Sivalingam.  Vedic Ministry and Press LLC provides lay unordained householder ministry (i.e. Grhaspati) on scripturally supported (i.e. based on the RgVeda Samhita) Vedic living including Vedic philosophy, ethics, worship, and traditional Ayurvedic health maintenance.  Vedic Ministry and Press LLC is also initiating the "Live Free Hindu Temple" in New Hampshire.  Vedic Ministry and Press LLC also performs Religiously inspired and religiously important investigative research, journalism and online reporting.  Vedic Ministry and Press LLC also seeks to educate and advocate for the God given inalienable Rights and Liberties (i.e. Human Rights) of ALL people regardless of race, creed, or any other distinguishing factor, with a particular focus on preservation of Religious Rights and Liberties.

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