Agni Ayurveda (aka AgniVeda)

Agniveda is a variation of Ayurveda in which clinical & therapeutic methodologies are used to ignite, kindle, and feed the portion of the sacred fire within that is integrating the given experience; wherein the sacred fire (i.e. Agni), understood to be the Attention, Awareness, Witness within is known to be that by which one's natural state (i.e. Indra) is strengthened by digesting & integrating new potentialities within its' self by way of its Agni or expressing itself as sui generis and self-sovereign by way of its Agni.

AgniVeda is the dynamic, ever positive, non-conditional freedom of Indra though Agni.

AgniVeda "diagnosis" is the recognition of the evolution of individual well-being from the perspective that all individual signs & symptoms are an expression of wisdom, the end point of which is the digestion and integration of new potentialities within Indra (i.e. the individual Soul) through Agni (i.e. the Soul's capacity to enjoy its' own suchness and expression).

AgniVeda is an entirely positive view of the health of the individual, recognizing the naturally innate wisdom and resulting trajectory toward profound benevolent freedom.