Prayer, Peace, Preparation, Adaptability, Neighborhood Humanitarians; "To Promote Peace, Goodness and Kindness"

By divine inspiration Tejasinha Sivalingam, Grhaspati designed the model for a decentralized neighbor to neighbor support model to help humans of every race and creed to make themselves prepared in these challenging times and ready themselves to offer neighbor to neighbor faith driven non-partisan informal humanitarian assistance to one another, and their communities.  In Summary the purpose of the group is simply to reach out to neighbors to promote acts of goodness, kindness, and peace toward all human beings.

Below is included the outline for how it is recommended you begin one of these peaceful and politically neutral groups dedicated to offering faith driven assistance to our fellow human beings.  However, to paraphrase, it is as simple as getting 10 households together, listing the skills and items you each and all might need in the case of infrastructure upheaval, and then assisting one another in the necessary preparation.  The final stage is, one you have your Group of ten, then each one of your 10 households finds ten more households who are interested in starting another group, and the pattern is repeated.  Just let peace, goodness, and kindness toward all human beings drive you, and the details will work themselves out.



Group Organizing Blueprint

"God, the impeller providing all forms, flourishes; he has begotten offspring in great quantity and all these creatures are his- Great is the one and only lordship" (RgVeda III: 55.19)

God wants us to live in peace, prosperity, freedom, and remembrance of him.

The idea is to create small group of families (10 households in each group) that are autonomously self-ready but also coordinate with other groups when possible.  These Groups are prepared in prayer and peace for the possible situations which may arise, the equipment to feel prepared in adverse situations, the training to use the equipment to help themselves, other Groups, and others in their communities, and instruction on how to locate, recruit, organize, and train other similar autonomous groups.

Step 1: Organize your own autonomous "God, peace, and life" group;

Step 1.A: Find 10 households with the same interest and identify the heads of those households as the ones who will act actually undergo training and preparation;

Step 1.B: Decide on initial meeting location and time and schedule meeting;

Step 2: Hold initial meeting attended by all heads of households;

Step 2.A: The importance of the groups' politically neutral intent to be prayerful, peaceful, rapidly prepared, adaptable, and offering informal neighbor to neighbor humanitarian assistance will be highlighted and stressed;

Step 2.B: The importance of rapid planning and preparation, hallmarked by group responsiveness and swift peaceful action will be emphasized;

Step 2.C: The founding principles of the Declaration of Independence, specifically the following portion "...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..." will be emphasized as politically neutral wisdom granted by our Creator as a blessing intended to guide and inspire the founders of the United States as well as subsequent generations.

Step 2.D: Members will discuss potential issues that might arise in the next 18-24 months.  Keep a time limit on this conversation, because creating drama isn't the point; helping people is the point.

Step 2.E: Members will brainstorm and list all equipment and training that will be needed focusing on the most essential and important so as to make sure that members have shared core skills which they know they can rely on with one another.

Step 3: There will be various training topics.   A single household will be primary on each topic and each household will be secondary on the topic.  So each household will take part in preparing 2 training sessions, their primary and secondary.

Step 3.A:  These training sessions will be highly focussed meetings on self-educating and cross-educating with regards to specific equipment and skills.  They may include topics such as: 1) Emergency food, 2) Emergency Water, 3) Emergency Shelter, 4) Emergencies affecting air or breathing, 4) Keeping and maintaining peace while maintaining a neutral and non-partisan focus on serving God and humanity, 5) Self-Defense, Escape and Evasion from dangerous situations, 6) Communications in person and at a distance, 7) Travel and safe locations 8) Emergency and Natural medicines.

Step 4: Members will acquire the needed equipment and assist others in the group in acquiring the equipment as may be needed.

Step 5: Each member now trained first trains their family.

Step 6:  Your group now does a training in how each household can locate, establish, and train another group of 10 families.

Step 7: Each household now assists in locating and establishing another group of 10 families following the same procedure as above.


1) Are you a militia?

No, absolutely not.  We are a faith driven neighbor to neighbor informal humanitarian movement committed to peace, and neutral and non-partisan support of our fellow human beings.  All groups must remain apart and distinct from any and all militia groups, because this movement holds strongly to neutrality and is conscientiously scrupulous about bearing arms for any reason besides legal and lawful defense of self, and family; and even then, it is to be seen as a regrettable exception.  Remember the idea is peace, goodness, and kindness towards all human beings.

2) Are you a political movement?

No, we are not.  This idea focuses first on God, and then on the "self evident" Truths laid out in the Declaration of Independence as expressing the "supra-religious" spirit, will, and inspiration of God Almighty for our society which reflects the 'peaceful and heavenly order' passed on to us from our ancestors.  However, above and beyond that, this movement holds itself as neutral, non-partisan, and informally humanitarian.  All groups must remain neutral and non-partisan in order to retain their affiliation as a group.  Remember the idea is peace, goodness, and kindness towards all human beings.

3) You talk alot about peace, but do you support the right to legally and lawfully keep and bear arms?

Yes, this model supports all unalienable Rights endowed by the Creator.  As mentioned these neighborhood groups are committed to peace, goodness, and kindness (including non-injury) towards all human beings; and therefore the legal and lawful reliance upon firearms for self-defense purposes is seen as a regrettable exception to peace and non-injury, and therefore should absolutely be limited to appropriate legal and lawful self-defense.  Each autonomous group is left to determine whether or not they wish to legally and lawfully exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

4) Does this model support peaceful civil disobedience?

It is left to each autonomous group to determine if and when civil disobedience might be needed to protect their communities and their Rights, in accordance with the conscience of each group.  However, civil disobedience should be seen as a regrettable exception to the commitment to otherwise follow all legal and lawful orders by all duly authorized persons; and at all times while engaged in civil disobedience the other individuals involved should be treated with the highest degree of respect and kindness.  Remember the idea is peace, goodness, and kindness towards all human beings.


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